A Moment of Me

Posted by Courtney on October 1st, 2011. Filed under: Cooking, Family, Mothering.

It is Saturday. Soccer games are over. Groceries are put away. The kids are outside with my husband working on a chicken coop. And I am in my kitchen. As you know, I love to cook. Sadly, this is something I do not get indulge in often these days. Meals are hurried and quick in prep time while working through homework with the kids and trying to throw in a load of laundry or clean up from the day or make lunches for tomorrow.

But today, I got to be in my kitchen. I got a few minutes of quiet and cookin’. I made some snacks for the week. I chopped veggies for crockpot chicken pot pie for later this week. And I made a real dinner. Ah, a breath of fresh air. This is the beat I move to… Oh, how I miss you!

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