Back-to-School Tip: Hooks and Homes

Posted by Courtney on August 29th, 2012. Filed under: Family, Kids, Mothering.

Our homes can quickly turn into a pile of backpacks, shoes, soccer cleats, old water bottles, misplaced homework, and piles of dirty clothes. To prevent build-up and loss of sanity give everything a home. Hooks near the front door for backpacks and after-school activity bags. A bin in the car for soccer balls, sunscreen, and a blanket, book, or pair of walking shoes to entertain you during soccer practices. A shelf in the fridge where filled water bottles live. A routine for emptying and dealing with notes from school, homework, and lunch boxes. Hampers in bathrooms or bedrooms for the ample amount of dirty clothes. A basket by the front door for library books and one for shoes. You can easily train your preschoolers on up to keep the order in your home- just develop routines, teach them how, and give them a chance to practice when they “forget”.

Hooks, hampers, baskets, and routines can help add organization and order to your home.

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