Canning Pears

Posted by Courtney on November 4th, 2010. Filed under: Cooking, Food, Uncategorized.

I ambitiously purchased 50 pounds of pears at an amazing price. I thought my husband and I would be able to can them, but instead they ripened so quickly that I had to do it on my own. So, I set my kids up with legoes and a line-up of mommy approved tv shows to watch and set to work last Saturday morning. Five hours later I was done. Tired and feeling like I conquered the world, I packed up and headed off to a birthday party. Got to love days like that!

$35 = 50 lbs of pears = some to eat for snacks + 6 quart jars of pears + 6 quart jars of pear sauce + 9 half-pint jars of pear butter + 9 half-pint jars of pear jam + 2 pint jars of pear jam + 5 hours of work

{canned pears packed in apple juice and water. pear jam and pear butter sweetened with honey. pear sauce, 100% pears}

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