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Upcoming Classes

Upcoming SUMMER Cooking Classes:

What: Cooking classes taught by Courtney Graham to help you and yours love and appreciate food&cooking in a new way that is healthy&practical in a busy home.

Where: At my home
Contact: Via email or blog {}
Class Descriptions&Costs:
(you are sent home with recipes, resources, and taste tests with each class}
Coffee&Cooking: $10 {1 hour class for moms, some food/cooking demo, lots of topic specific ideas shared, Q&A. Kids are welcome to watch a movie with my kids during the class}
Cocktails&Cooking: $15 {2 hour class for moms, NO kids, a lengthier class with more demo & ideas than Coffee&Cooking}
Summer KidsKamp: $15 for first child, $10 for subsequent {2 hour class for kids ages 5-12; Art, Science, Math, Health & Literature are incorporated into these classes as kids discover how to cook, explore healthy eating, and discover new flavors. For the summer- Your 5th class is FREE plus prize}
Mommy&Me: $10 {1 hour class, ages 1 1/2-6, moms&toddlers get to cook together, explore together, and moms leave with lots of ideas&cooking tips.}
Other: You can put a class together for a group of 5 or more and choose a topic of interest and a date/time.
Note: Classes are subject to cancellation depending on number signed up.
June 10- Coffee&Cooking 10-11am: Stone Fruit
June 17- Mommy&Me 9-10am: “Peaches, Plums, &Apricots Oh My”
June 17- KidsKamp 1:30-3:30: “Peaches, Plums, &Apricots Oh My”
July 8- Coffee&Cooking 10-11am: Zucchini&Summer Squash
July 9- Mommy&Me 9-10am: “Z is for Zucchini”
July 9- KidsKamp 1:30-3:30 “Z is for Zucchini”
July 9- Cocktails&Cooking 7:30-9:30: “Fermentation”
July 17- Mommy&Me 9-10am: “Sweet Summer Berries”
July 17- KidsKamp 1:30-3:30: “Sweet Summer Berries”
July 18- Cocktails&Cooking 7:30-9:30: “Cooking for Food Allergies” {will touch on almond flour, coconut flour, GAPS diet, gluten free, dairy free, grain free}
July 22- Coffee&Cooking 9-10am: “Tomato-mania”
July 22- KidsKamp 1:30-3:30: “Tomato-mania”
July 22 Cocktails&Cooking 7:30-9:30: “Canning&Preservation”
July 29- Mommy&Me- 9-10am: “Eat Your Green”
July 29- KidsKamp 1:30-3:30: “Eat Your Green”
July 29- Cocktails&Cooking 7:30-9:30: Cooking from Your CSA Box {Veggies, Vegetarian}
August 12- Mommy&Me 9-10am: “Melon for Me”
August 12- KidsKamp 1:30-3:30: “Melon for Me”
August 12- Cocktails&Cooking 7:30-9:30: “Lettuce Dress It” {salads and more}
Please feel free to PASS ON TO FRIENDS & please RSVP for classes.

Setting Up a Class: Get a group of 5-10 together. Decide on a date and time with me. Decide on a theme. Come. Cook. Eat. Learn. Have fun.

Setting Up a Private Lesson: I can come to your home and work with you in your own kitchen. {Cost: $40 per hour}

The Teacher: I am not a trained chef. I don’t have any sort of formal training. I learned to cook from my dad and lots of practice. I have a passion for food, cooking, and providing my family with great, healthy food. I also have found ways to cook and organize cooking that work in a busy home.

Class Expectations: You will receive a copy of all the recipes and tips covered during the class. You will observe and assist in the preparation of the recipes focused on in the class. You will sample recipes. You will have a fun time hanging out with friends.

Cost: $10 per person {You must have at least 5 people in the class or the rate will be adjusted.} You may pay for the class in the Whole Diligence Store.

Possible Themes:

  • “Lettuce Dress It” (salads and dressings)
  • “Winter Veggies” (cooking with greens, root veggies, broccoli…, squash)
  • “Making Your Chicken Work for You” (roasted chicken, chicken broth, soup)
  • “Going Homemade” (granola, yogurt, graham crackers)
  • “Snack Foods” (crackers, granola bars, fruit/veggie/and nut snacks
  • “Italian” (homemade pasta, versatile sauces)
  • “50 Ways with Chicken” (expand your poultry repertoire)
  • “Kneed Me a Loaf” (how to make whole wheat bread from scratch)
  • “Make Them Smile Dinners” (pizza, mac and cheese, chicken fingers, bean and cheese burritos, and a handful of other kid happy ideas with a new and healthy twist!)
  • “Buffet Night” (how to turn your kitchen counter into a whole food Hometown Buffet and the foods to serve)
  • “Good-bye Cereal” (oatmeal, baked oatmeal, muffins, egg sandwich, pancakes/waffles, and a dozen more ideas to mix up your mornings)
  • “Go Fish” (a handful of recipes and how-to fish for the family)
  • “Pasta Primer” (how to cook amazing pasta, easy/quick sauces and toppings)
  • Canning and Food Preservation
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