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IMG_4559I am an egg snob. We have had chickens for the past 6 years or so. Yellow yolks, flavor, natural composters of all my table scraps, easy&fun pet for the kids… chickens are great. Having your own chickens ¬†and your own eggs spoils you. The taste is remarkable. We haven’t had chickens since we moved back to California, we have to settle for visiting our old chickens at Grandma&Grandpa’s ranch on occasion (for now). It is so sad- scraps into the trash, $$$ for all the eggs we go through, low quality grocery store eggs mixed in with higher quality Farmer’s Market eggs, and an every once and awhile dozen of high-quality eggs from a ranch that feeds them scraps&green anything. Blue, green, pink, dark brown, white, light brown- backyard chickens&homegrown farm, fresh eggs- flavorful scrambles at a great price point. Get chickens. Buy farm fresh eggs. {I recently tried Shepherd Farms eggs @ Wed Farmer’s Market in Ventura- AWESOME!!}

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