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I am working through the last chapter of the Beth Moore Esther study (highly recommend). She says, “How blessed we are to be women. By nature we like to do things together. Work and play. Laugh and grieve. Eat and pray. Live and die. A large measure of enjoying womanhood is enjoying a heart connection with other women.”

I am very blessed to have many amazing women in my wife that nourish many areasĀ  of my life through their friendships. These women encourage me in my walk with Christ, challenge me to seek God more, encourage me in my role as a parent and a wife, prompt intelligent banter and thought, bless me with their lives and who they are…

I pray for each one of you and every woman that they can find a space in this crazy world to find and nurture relationships with other women. Church, bible study, a mom’s group, a small group, a playgroup… God will bless you so much through these relationships!

Praise God for amazing women in our lives!

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  1. amber

    Thanks for your friendship too! I have learned so much from you and you continue to inspire me..My cooking will never be the same and for that I am grateful:)

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