Goals&Reading: Animal, Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

Posted by Courtney on April 19th, 2013. Filed under: Food.

I have made a new resolution to read. I love to read, but ever since I had children nine years ago, reading more than a magazine article or a blog post or does Pinterest count as reading is a thing of the past. Recently, my husband introduced me to the app Lift. There is something to getting to push a round circle and light up the green check mark that motivates me to do a short list of things I have been meaning to incorporate into my life for sometime now. “Reading a book” made it onto that list. And so for some period of most days I have indulged in the reading of an actual book. Some days I actually sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and a book and read. Ah. Other days, I am reading while waiting at piano practice or just before I turn out the light at the end of the night. Nonetheless I am reading {and happily lighting up a green checkmark on a daily basis.

I received Animal, Vegetable, Miracle YEARS ago and have always wanted to read it… but… Finally, I have begun (hoping that I will also finish.) It is a good read. Good author. Enjoyable topic (for me). And inspiring. Oddly, it has made me more and more in awe of God’s creation of plants & food. And more and more thankful for this creation. And more and more repulsed by our food systems in the US. Thought provoking, inspiring, enjoyable.

Here is a quote from my reading today: “Many foods placed on the Ark of Taste have made dramatic recoveries, thanks to the seed savers and epicurean desperadoes who defy the agents of gene control, tasting the forbidden fruits and planting more.”

Read a book. Set a goal. Enjoy a moment. Challenge yourself.

Have a good weekend!


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