God’s Path

Posted by Courtney on April 23rd, 2012. Filed under: Christ, Family.

I know that God has taken us down the paths that lead us to make our home in this sweet town in Oklahoma and now back “home” to California. I know we had to go down these paths to get to where we are and where we will be and to be who He wants us to be, and I know that I don’t know what lies ahead for us.

God is in control- no matter how much we fight it. Just remember ‘God did it’. {He planned it. He orchestrated it. He has a plan for whatever is next and every detail of your future. You don’t have to worry and if you do it is a waste of time and energy because He already knows. We just have to wait to find out like a good book or movie. The pieces all come together no matter how out there they may seem. And in the end all you can say is “God did it”.

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