Moving and Traveling TO DO

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So, if you happen to be moving and going on a trip here is the list for you:

Closing up the home:
-cancel water
-cancel trash
-cancel gas
-cancel electric
-cancel TV/phone/Internet
-cancel gardener
*You can do some of these online, and you can do all of these ahead of time- at the same time change your address on the accounts for last bills.

-arrange for any income to be direct deposited
-have a relative become a signer on any local bank accounts you hold
-set up through Bill Pay your bills to be paid for the time you are on the trip
-change addresses on bills, magazines, insurances, all accounts
-change your address at the post office (online)
-change your address at the DMV (also covers you for voting)
-Budget out your trip

Moving Tips:
-go through each room, looking for: donations, give-aways, craigslist/ebay/selling worthy items- start a couple weeks before you want to start packing
-Pack and move to the garage immediately non-essential items (books, etc.)
-Start the tear down/packing portion when you are ready to be done comfortably living in your house- keep this as quick as possible- enlist friends help- girls night!
-Make sure you have plenty of packing tape, boxes (check with friends, craigslist for free boxes), packing material (bubble wrap, newsprint…) BEFORE you start
-Make a meal plan that is doable for you during the crazy packing weeks- frozen pizza, dinner with friends or family, PB&J, salads

Trip Tips:
-make a packing list
-pack your car, bags, trailer… as you pack up your house
-finish this up before the crazy packing begins!

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