My 6-Year Old Teaches Me a Cooking Lesson

Posted by Courtney on July 23rd, 2012. Filed under: Cooking, Family, Kids.

Simple… yet has never occurred to me. Isn’t it funny how you watch something done years ago and just do it that way indefinitely. Don’t get me wrong- many skills are learned and performed successfully for generations due to this phenomena, but…

My six-year old wanted to help me scoop cantaloupe with a melon baller for fruit salad. I love it when my kids help in the kitchen, so I showed him how. He scooped melon balls perfectly but made a change in my technique. He left the melon balls in the cantaloupe half as he went along (I dump each in the bowl for those of you already smarter than me) and then dumped when the melon half got too full. It sped up the process and was brilliant.


Keep melon balls in the melon as you go, dump when full or you need more space.

Cook with your kids and let them do things their way; you may learn a thing or two.

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