Sometimes You Just Go with Illogical

Posted by Courtney on March 11th, 2013. Filed under: Family.

We recently went to visit my brothers and their families five hours away for the weekend. For a weekend that is a good amount of driving (not that I am afraid of driving long long distances for anyone that knows me). We had a great visit. On our last day, “we” decided to drive a couple hours out of our way and go play in the snow. I thought it would be fun, and it may be our only snow experience this winter… So… off we went (away from home and an early arrival).

We had a blast! We got to go sledding. We built a snowman. We had a hilarious & intense snowball fight with all the kids, my brother… It was belly hurt laughing fun. I’m pretty sure I won the snowball fight too. We rounded out the trip with a great dinner in Sonora. And back on the road at 7pm for a far from early arrival home just after 1am. The kids were great and beat- went right to sleep. The drive was easy & traffic-less. And I was exhausted…

So was the out of the way, lots of extra driving,  late night worth it? Yes!

I highly recommend all roads that lead to more laughter, more adventure, and great memories. Step out of your comfort zone, out of the logical (at times), and travel the road less traveled a bit more often. You won’t forget it at the very least.


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