Weekly Recipe – 9/12/2010

  • Pasta with Veggies, Bacon, and Goat Cheese
  • Whole Roasted Chicken
  • Nutty Noodles and Veggies
  • Salmon Cakes with Yogurt Cucumber Sauce
  • Pizza
  • Caesar Salad

I sit down every Sunday afternoon and plan our family meals for the week. Meals whole, family-friendly, mom-easy, flavorful and delicious, and incorporate organic, seasonal produce. My weekly recipes are available here for you. A typical week will include five dinner meals and will usually incorporate one each of the following:

  • a quick-and-easy dish
  • chicken or meat dish
  • dinner soup or salad
  • vegetarian dish
  • one dish easy to double and freeze
As with any other cook, favorites might make it back in the following weeks - don't be surprised if my go-to-dishes show up again. Instructions for downloading this product will be sent to your email address after checking out.

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