Tip of the Day: Too Many Paper Towels??

Posted by Courtney on August 17th, 2012. Filed under: Food, Mothering.

Do you use too many paper towels? Wiping up spills, plating sandwiches at lunch, drying soppy hands… I have found a couple easy places to decrease use of paper towels:

-Use bread boards {Resopal boards– you can buy individually or in sets} (inspired through my German grandmother) to plate sandwiches and toast… Easy to wipe off after use too! (No clue where to get in the US…)

-Keep a tub of rags to wipe up all those messes. Pile them on top of the washer as used and add a “load of rags” to your laundry loads.

-Buy or make some cloth napkins. You can make some cute square ones that are the size of a napkin or paper towel. Or just buy some cloth napkins- you can often find good deals. Yes, cloth napkins aren’t just for dinner parties. We use these all the time. Just add to my “on top of the washer” pile.

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