Two “Vintners” in My Kitchen

Posted by Courtney on April 16th, 2013. Filed under: Family, Food.

My dad {who I have learned so much that I know about cooking from & who has given me the passion for food&flavor} and my husband {who works so hard for our family, so I can stay home&homeschool my kids and experiment in my kitchen on a daily basis} decided to embark on a new culinary adventure a few weeks ago… and so my kitchen was yet again a test kitchen for a new endeavor: Wine making.

Grape juice, skins, tubes, hydrometers, airlocks, a wine thief filled my kitchen. Followed by the smell of wine fermenting in a closet. Followed by racking, more fermenting, racking again, degassing, and now aging.

I love the power we have to create our own food. I encourage you to make something on your own. Choose something you like: mayonaise, vinegar, yogurt, wine, butter, jam… do some research, do some prep, and turn your kitchen into your own test kitchen. Do it with your kids or a friend or family – bond over your new creation.

It is fun; it is satisfying; it is usually cheaper. Give it a go!

And cheers to the two vintners in my kitchen!


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