Upcoming Classes for Ventura Locals

Posted by Courtney on April 27th, 2011. Filed under: Cooking.

This may be the last run as it appears my eminent move is quickly approaching…

Classes open to Ventura moms and women:

(1) Wednesday, May 11 7:30pm “EASY Homemade Bread” Class $15 each
“learn to make homemade whole wheat bread- easy and reasonable process with amazing results”

(2) Sunday, May 15 7:00pm “Conversations: Preserving Summer” $5 each
“tips, recipes, and discussion on how to preserve the amazing flavors of summer fruits and vegetables in a fun and doable manner for enjoyment year round”

(3) Thursday, May 19 7:30pm “Going Homemade” Class $15 each
“take away recipes and know-how on how to eliminate some staple processed foods and replace them with homemade alternatives in a mom-friendly manner”

(4) Friday, May 20 7:00pm Ladies Night Out “Conversations: Budget Friendly Organic” $5 each
“tips, recommendations, and discussion on how to provide your family with organic or pesticide-free food on a budget and saving time… many tips pulled from my 3-month grocery store hiatus”

Note: “Conversations” are larger groups and have minimal demo and more ideas/tips, includes a cup of tea or such… relaxing time of conversation related to food/topic. “Classes” are smaller groups and include hands-on, taste tests, something to bring home, and lots of demo.

Please EMAIL to sign-up.

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