Upcoming Summer Cooking Classes

Posted by Courtney on June 6th, 2013. Filed under: Cooking.

Upcoming SUMMER Cooking Classes:

What: Cooking classes taught by Courtney Graham to help you and yours love and appreciate food&cooking in a new way that is healthy&practical in a busy home.

Where: At my home
Contact: Via email or blog {www.wholedligence.com}
Class Descriptions&Costs:
(you are sent home with recipes, resources, and taste tests with each class}
Coffee&Cooking: $10 {1 hour class for moms, some food/cooking demo, lots of topic specific ideas shared, Q&A. Kids are welcome to watch a movie with my kids during the class}
Cocktails&Cooking: $15 {2 hour class for moms, NO kids, a lengthier class with more demo & ideas than Coffee&Cooking}
Summer KidsKamp: $15 for first child, $10 for subsequent {2 hour class for kids ages 5-12; Art, Science, Math, Health & Literature are incorporated into these classes as kids discover how to cook, explore healthy eating, and discover new flavors. For the summer- Your 5th class is FREE plus prize}
Mommy&Me: $10 {1 hour class, ages 1 1/2-6, moms&toddlers get to cook together, explore together, and moms leave with lots of ideas&cooking tips.}
Other: You can put a class together for a group of 5 or more and choose a topic of interest and a date/time.
Note: Classes are subject to cancellation depending on number signed up.
June 10- Coffee&Cooking 10-11am: Stone Fruit
June 17- Mommy&Me 9-10am: “Peaches, Plums, &Apricots Oh My”
June 17- KidsKamp 1:30-3:30: “Peaches, Plums, &Apricots Oh My”
July 8- Coffee&Cooking 10-11am: Zucchini&Summer Squash
July 9- Mommy&Me 9-10am: “Z is for Zucchini”
July 9- KidsKamp 1:30-3:30 “Z is for Zucchini”
July 9- Cocktails&Cooking 7:30-9:30: “Fermentation”
July 17- Mommy&Me 9-10am: “Sweet Summer Berries”
July 17- KidsKamp 1:30-3:30: “Sweet Summer Berries”
July 18- Cocktails&Cooking 7:30-9:30: “Cooking for Food Allergies” {will touch on almond flour, coconut flour, GAPS diet, gluten free, dairy free, grain free}
July 22- Coffee&Cooking 9-10am: “Tomato-mania”
July 22- KidsKamp 1:30-3:30: “Tomato-mania”
July 22 Cocktails&Cooking 7:30-9:30: “Canning&Preservation”
July 29- Mommy&Me- 9-10am: “Eat Your Green”
July 29- KidsKamp 1:30-3:30: “Eat Your Green”
July 29- Cocktails&Cooking 7:30-9:30: Cooking from Your CSA Box {Veggies, Vegetarian}
August 12- Mommy&Me 9-10am: “Melon for Me”
August 12- KidsKamp 1:30-3:30: “Melon for Me”
August 12- Cocktails&Cooking 7:30-9:30: “Lettuce Dress It” {salads and more}
Please feel free to PASS ON TO FRIENDS & please RSVP for classes.
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