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I love to blend. I love the ease of dumping whatever in a blender as I prepare a meal. I have burned out quite a few blender motors in my blending endeavors. Finally, I was blessed, let me emphasize BLESSED with a Vita-Mix 5200. Now, I can get back to my haphazard dumping of ingredients into my blender and expecting the world of it.

“The Morning Usual”:

1 banana

2-3 heaping spoonfuls of plain yogurt

a handful of frozen berries

1-2 whole oranges and/or tangerines

any other fruit I want to throw in: 1/2 an apple, a kiwi with the peel…

a handful of frozen pineapple or mango

leftover celery or carrot sticks from yesterdays lunch

a handful of fresh greens {romaine or spinach or swiss chard} or a couple “swiss chard” ice cubes {puree swiss chard in the Vita-Mix, freeze in ice cube trays, pop out and store in a ziploc}

raw milk or water

Blend and serve to the family.

{Tip: Pour leftovers into a muffin tin or other such container and freeze for frozen yogurt style popsicles.}


*If you are in the market for a Vita-Mix follow this link for free shipping!


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