When Things Don't Quite Go According to Plan

Posted by Courtney on April 29th, 2010. Filed under: Christ, Uncategorized.

This seems to be the theme of the last few years of my life-  the road appears to be going in one direction and then takes an unanticipated and sometimes shocking road less traveled. There have been many times I have not handled this change of events well. At this point, I have a new attitude that I can only pray can stick with me for a life time.

Mantras and Prayers that have helped me graciously and without tantrum change gears and take the “new” road:

-ALL in your time Lord

-Your will be done

-It is all about God’s timing- His perfect and undisclosed timing!

-Get down on your stubborn and change resistant knees and listen and pray to your faithful God!!

I have also learned the priceless value of starting my day with time with God- in prayer and in His word. It changes my day and has changed my life. A little sacrifice of sleep to spend some quiet moments with the God who has a plan and purpose for each of our footsteps and the prints they leave.

May God bless each of you today in whatever it holds.


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